The Complete Celebrated Crimes by Alexandre Dumas (père)

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by Alexandre Dumas (père)

The Complete Celebrated Crimes, also kwnon as Celebrated Crimes, are a series of short stories written by Alexandre Dumas (père) and based on historical records. They are written in the playwright's youth, before the publication of his most notable works such as D'Artagnan or Monte Cristo.

This book contains the following stories:

  • The Borgias
  • The Cenci
  • Massacres Of The South
  • Mary Stuart
  • Karlludwig Sand
  • The Man In The Iron Mask (The essay not the novel)
  • The Countess De Saint Geran
  • The Marquise De Brinvilliers
  • The Marquise De Ganges

The end of the fifteenth century-hat is to say, at the epoch when our history opens the Piazza of St. Peter's at Rome was far from presenting so noble an aspect as that which is offered in our own day to anyone who approaches it by the Piazza dei Rusticucci.

Non-fiction   History

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