The Dawn of Day by Friedrich Nietzsche

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by Friedrich Nietzsche

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The Dawn of Day is a Philosophy work written by Friedrich Nietzsche and first published in 1881.

In this book we find a set of 575 aphorisms that deal with various topics. The starting point is Nietzsche's affirmation that morality is an authority that the only thing it admits is to obey, but not to think or speak.

Starting from this, Nietzsche includes a series of beliefs without any kind of validity, which he calls "prejudices".

This edition of The Dawn of Day is based on John McFarland Kennedy's translation.

"Think not that I will urge you to run the same perilous risk! or that I will urge you on even to the same solitude! For whoever proceeds on his own path meets nobody: this is the feature of one's “own path.”No one comes to help him in his task: he must face everything quite alone—danger, bad luck, wickedness, foul weather."


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