The Maine Woods by Henry David Thoreau

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by Henry David Thoreau

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The Maine Woods is a travelogue written by Henry David Thoreau and first published in 1864.

Is a collection of essays detailing Thoreau's experiences and observations during three trips to the Maine wilderness.

This account explores the natural beauty of this region, describing its dense forests crisscrossed by crystal clear rivers and its majestic mountains.

Thoreau also reflects on the flora and fauna, the challenges of wilderness travel, and his encounters with Native Americans and other inhabitants of the area. As a result, the work will convey the deep sense of peace that comes from immersion in the wilderness.

"On the 31st of August, 1846, I left Concord in Massachusetts for Bangor and the backwoods of Maine, by way of the railroad and steamboat, intending to accompany a relative of mine, engaged in the lumber trade in Bangor, as far as a dam on the West Branch of the Penobscot, in which property he was interested. From this place, which is about one hundred miles by the river above Bangor, thirty miles from the Houlton military road, and five miles beyond the last log hut, I proposed to make excursions to Mount Ktaadn, the second highest mountain in New England, about thirty miles distant, and to some of the lakes of the Penobscot, either alone or with such company as I might pick up there."


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