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by Charlotte Brontë

The Professor is a novel written by Charlotte Brontë and originally published in 1847 under the pseudonym Currer Bell. It is the author's first novel.

Set in Yorkshire in the early 19th century, and tells the story of a teacher at a small girls' boarding school who retreats into the fantasy world of her imagination.

The novel was written while Brontë was employed as a teacher at Roe Head School, near Mirfield, West Yorkshire, and was inspired by her time as a pupil in Lancashire and the experiences she had there. It follows the life of William Crimsworth, from his childhood in England to his maturity in Brussels.

The novel was not well received by critics in its first edition, and did not achieve popularity until the second edition a decade later. Today it is considered one of Brontë's best works and is praised for its realistic depiction of working-class life, its sharp social commentary, and its complex and believable characters.

The book explores the themes of social class, education and morality. It is also a critique of the Victorian educational system, which Brontë considered unfair to women.

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7 hours 26 minutes (89260 words)

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