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The Social Cancer, whose original Latin title is Noli me tangere, is a novel written by José Rizal and first published in 1887. It is the writer's first novel and the title refers to to a passage in the Bible.

The novel describes the Philippines in the time before its independence from Spain, reflecting on the relationship between the colony and its metropolis. In addition, it also has a romantic part and a criticism of the imposition of religion.

The book introduces us to Crisótomo Ibarra, a young man with a Spanish father and a Filipino mother who returns to the Philippines after having studied for a time in Europe. Upon returning, he discovers that his father has been falsely judged and has died in prison, also repudiated by the local priest who banishes him from the cemetery and throws his body into the sea. On the other hand, Crisótomo is in love with María Clara, a young woman from the town and the parents of both young people had sealed a promise of marriage, which both renew when the young man returns to the country.

Crisótomo begins the project to build a school in his town and educate the population so that they can be free and develop. This generates misgivings in local religious orders, who think that progressive ideas will have a bad influence on the population. These powerful religious will initiate a fierce criticism and even the physical integrity of Crisótomo will be in danger.

This book has been translated from Spanish by By Charles Derbyshire and originally published in Manila, Philippine Education Company New York: World Book Company 1912

"On the last of October Don Santiago de los Santos, popularly known as Capitan Tiago, gave a dinner. In spite of the fact that, contrary to his usual custom, he had made the announcement only that afternoon, it was already the sole topic of conversation in Binondo and adjacent districts, and even in the Walled City, for at that time Capitan Tiago was considered one of the most hospitable of men, and it was well known that his house, like his country, shut its doors against nothing except commerce and all new or bold ideas."


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