The Tavern Knight by Rafael Sabatini

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by Rafael Sabatini

The Tavern Knight is a historical novel written by Rafael Sabatini and published in 1904.

The book is set during the English Civil Wars, in the times of knights, maidens, and castles, Crispin Galliard, known as The Tavern Knight, is a soldier with a dubious reputation and he has had his fortune and property stripped by evil agents of the king. He is a libertine man and does not care much about ethics or honor and is obsessed with a revenge that he doubts he will ever get. He finally gets his long-awaited chance at revenge after helping Charles II escape Oliver Cromwell's forces and his decisions that will result in his desired revenge, but having to kill some people in order to carry it out.

The book highlights at all times the internal struggle that the protagonist has between his desire for revenge and his ethical convictions.

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