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by Charlotte Brontë

Villete is a novel written by Charlotte Bronte and first published in 1853.

Lucy Snowe, an intelligent and observant woman with a strong personality, is a young woman with no family, no money and no position who enters to work in a boarding school in a foreign city, Villette.

Lucy gets to know the other women at the boarding school, she becomes involved in their dramas and romances. As the story progresses, Lucy falls in love with a mysterious man, Paul Emmanuel.

The book is an exploration of passion, pain, and the sacrifices of love.

The story, narrated in the first person, stands out for the psychological depth of the narrative, which alternates detailed descriptions of public situations and various characters, with an intense exploration inside herself, where we can perfectly feel her disappointments and her hopes.

Fiction   Romance

16 hours 22 minutes (196490 words)

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The Villette book is available for download in PDF, ePUB and Mobi

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