Zadig by Voltaire

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by Voltaire

Philosophical fiction Adventure Satire Fate vs. Free Will The Search for Happiness The Flaws and Virtues of Human Nature Critique of Society and Institutions

2 hours 39 minutes

Zadig is a philosophical fiction written by Voltaire and first published in 1747.

Zadig is a young man from Babylon who is smart, brilliant, and honest. Throughout the novel, the young man will face and overcome a series of difficulties and complex life situations. He also rebels against the injustices and absurdities of the society of his time.

Through a series of ups and downs of life and fate, he becomes a betrayed husband, a prisoner, a slave, and even a prime minister. Zadig learns that despite his attempts to do the right thing, destiny sometimes has other ways for him than expected. Moments of despair are interspersed with glimmers of optimism.

These experiences are Voltaire's way of expressing his ideas about religion, politics and human nature.

"In the Reign of King Moabdar, there was a young Man, a Native of Babylon, by name Zadig; who was not only endowed by Nature with an uncommon Genius, but born of illustrious Parents, who bestowed on him an Education no ways inferior to his Birth. Tho’ rich and young, he knew how to give a Check to his Passions; he was no ways self-conceited; he didn’t always act up to the strictest Rules of Reason himself, and knew how to look on the Foibles of others, with an Eye of Indulgence."


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