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Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne

Around the World in Eighty Days quotes

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Solitude is a sad thing, with no heart to which to confide your griefs.


I'd like to see you do it in eighty days.

- Mr. Stuart, Reform Club Member


I see that it is by no means useless to travel, if a man wants to see something new.

- Passepartout


A true Englishman doesn’t joke when he is talking about so serious a thing as a wager.

- Phileas Fogg


As for seeing the town, the idea never occurred to him, for he was the sort of Englishman who, on his travels, gets his servant to do his sightseeing for him.


“Why, you are a man of heart!" "Sometimes," replied Phileas Fogg, quietly. "When I have the time.”


It may be taken for granted that, rash as the Americans are, when they are prudent there is good reason for it.


He lived alone, and, so to speak, outside of every social relation; and as he knew that in this world account must be taken of friction, and that friction retards, he never rubbed against anybody.


“Monsieur is going to leave home?" "Yes," returned Phileas Fogg. "We are going round the world.”


If to live in this style is to be eccentric, it must be confessed that there is something good in eccentricity


The artistic thing is, to unmask honest countenances; it's no light task, I admit, but a real art.

- Detective Fix


The chance which now seems lost may present itself at the last moment.


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