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In front the sea was spread, a smiling jailer, but even more incorruptible than the frowning mountains.


The air was full of human essence, of artificial enticement, of coquetry, indolence, pleasure—the man-made sense of existence.


He was happy and content in this land of perpetual afternoon. Those old days of life in the States seemed like an irritating dream.


The art of narrative consists in concealing from your audience everything it wants to know until after you expose your favourite opinions on topics foreign to the subject.


It shall be a duty and a pleasing sport to wander with Momus beneath the tropic stars where Melpomene once stalked austere.


The bottle, with its impotent message, was gone out to sea, and the problem that it had provoked was reduced to a simple sum in addition—one and one make two, by the rule of arithmetic; one by the rule of romance.


He was only twenty-four; and he had not been in Coralio long enough for his enthusiasm to cool in the heat of the tropics.


Gentleman adventurers throng the waiting-rooms of its rulers with proposals for railways and concessions.


Far beyond the common woman was she endowed with intrepid rashness, with a love for the pursuit of adventure to the brink of danger, and with desire for the pleasures of life. Her spirit was one to chafe under any curb; she was Eve after the fall, but before the bitterness of it was felt.


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