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Cabbages and Kings is a novel written by O. Henry and published in 1904. It is composed of interrelated short stories set in a fictional country called the Republic of Anchuria.

In the fictitious Central American nation of Anchuria, a proud people plunge into crisis due to the maneuvers of the US fruit conglomerates and the weight of the revolution.

Anchuria is poorly managed and poor. It is ruled by dictators and has no extradition treaty with the United States. The lifestyle is that of a coastal town, primitive and immersed in intense heat. Its economy is fundamentally based on the export of tropical fruits. O Henry invented the phrase "banana republic" to describe those small, chaotic, impoverished nations and it's a term used to this day.

Fiction   Short Stories

5 hours 16 minutes (63328 words)

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William Sydney Porter better known by his pen name O. Henry, was an American short story writer. He wrote 381 short stories. He wrote a story a week f...

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In front the sea was spread, a smiling jailer, but even more incorruptible than the frowning mountains.


He was happy and content in this land of perpetual afternoon. Those old days of life in the States seemed like an irritating dream.


It shall be a duty and a pleasing sport to wander with Momus beneath the tropic stars where Melpomene once stalked austere.


The art of narrative consists in concealing from your audience everything it wants to know until after you expose your favourite opinions on topics foreign to the subject.


The air was full of human essence, of artificial enticement, of coquetry, indolence, pleasure—the man-made sense of existence.

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