The Happy Prince and Other Tales by Oscar Wilde

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by Oscar Wilde

The Happy Prince and Other Tales is a collection of short stories written by Oscar Wilde and published in 1888.

This work is a collection of stories for children that includes:

  • The Happy Prince: One night, a swallow that is migrating to Egypt stops at the foot of the statue of the Happy Prince to rest and tears begin to fall from the statue.
  • The Nightingale and the Rose: The story is about a young student in love with a girl.
  • The Selfish Giant: A giant returns to his garden after spending a long time outside and discovers that there are several children playing and very happy there.
  • The Devoted Friend: The story tells about the relationship of two friends in which one of them, Hans, is constantly manipulated by the other, Hugo.
  • The Remarkable Rocket: The story is about a firework, which is one of many that are launched at the wedding of a prince and princess.

Fiction   Short Stories

1 hour 21 minutes (16356 words)

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The The Happy Prince and Other Tales book is available for download in PDF, ePUB and Mobi

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About Oscar Wilde

He was an Irish poet and playwright, best remembered for his epigrams and plays and his novel The Picture of Dorian Gray

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