Monday or Tuesday by Virginia Woolf

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by Virginia Woolf

Monday or Tuesday is a collection of short stories written by Virginia Woolf and first published in 1921. It is the only book of short stories that Virginia Woolf published during her lifetime.

It's a short story collection that contains:

  • A Haunted House
  • A Society
  • Monday or Tuesday
  • An Unwritten Novel
  • The String Quartet
  • Blue & Green
  • Kew Gardens
  • The Mark on the Wall

Woolf emphasizes in these stories that a tale not only tells a story but reflects a part of reality, which oscillates between the inner and outer world. For the writer, a story is not only made up of words, plots or characters but also of moments as real as fantastic or dreamlike, more extensive than any Monday or Tuesday can offer.

Fiction   Short Stories

0 hours 1 minutes (347 words)

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The Monday or Tuesday book is available for download in PDF, ePUB and Mobi

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