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Brave to rashness as Falkner was, yet there was much in what he had just heard that made him recoil, and almost tremble.


This part of Cornwall shares much of the peculiar and exquisite beauty which every Englishman knows adorns "the sweet shire of Devon."


Consumption, in all countries except our own, is considered a contagious disorder, and it too often proves such here.


Mrs. Baker felt some complacency on reading this letter; with the common English respect for wealth and rank, she was glad to find that her humble roof had sheltered a man who was the son.


It contained a sad, but too common story of the hard-heartedness of the wealthy, and the misery endured by the children of the highborn.


There was something in the stranger that at once arrested attention--a freedom, and a command of manner--self-possession joined to energy.


We all are apt to think that when we discard a motive we cure a fault, and foster the same error from a new cause with a safe conscience.


For truth was her attribute; the open heart, which made the brow, the eyes, the cheerful mien, the sweet, loving smile and thrilling voice, all transcripts of its pure emotions.


What is written in glaring character in our own consciousness, we believe to be visible to the whole world.


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