Falkner by Mary Shelley

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by Mary Shelley

Falkner tells the story of a woman's upbringing under the tyrannical figure of her father. As a six-year-old orphan, Elizabeth Raby prevents Rupert Falkner from committing suicide; Falkner later adopts her and begins working to make her a model of virtue.

"The opening scene of this tale took place in a little village on the southern coast of Cornwall. Treby (by that name we choose to designate a spot whose true one, for several reasons, will not be given) was, indeed, rather a hamlet than a village; although, being at the seaside, there were two or three houses which, by dint of green paint and chints curtains, pretended to give the accommodation of "Apartments Furnished" to the few bathers who, having heard of its cheapness, seclusion, and beauty, now and then resorted thither from the neighbouring towns."

Fiction   Novel

12 hours 42 minutes (152497 words)

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About Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley was an English novelist who wrote Frankenstein, which is considered an early example of science fiction.

She also edited and ...

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This part of Cornwall shares much of the peculiar and exquisite beauty which every Englishman knows adorns "the sweet shire of Devon."


Consumption, in all countries except our own, is considered a contagious disorder, and it too often proves such here.


Mrs. Baker felt some complacency on reading this letter; with the common English respect for wealth and rank, she was glad to find that her humble roof had sheltered a man who was the son.


It contained a sad, but too common story of the hard-heartedness of the wealthy, and the misery endured by the children of the highborn.


We all are apt to think that when we discard a motive we cure a fault, and foster the same error from a new cause with a safe conscience.

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