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Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan of the Apes quotes

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When Tarzan killed he more often smiled than scowled, and smiles are the foundation of beauty.


For myself, I always assume that a lion is ferocious, and so I am never caught off my guard.


His wild jungle life had inured him to the sight of dead and dying animals.

- Narrator [Chapter 6]


The time has arrived when patience becomes a crime and mayhem appears garbed in a manner of virtue


Love is a strange master, and human nature is still stranger.


I love you, and because I love you I believe in you. But if I did not believe, still should I love. Had you come back for me, and had there been no other way, I would have gone into the jungle with you - forever.


No longer did he feel shame for his hairless body or his human features.

- Narrator [Chapter 7]


Tarzan of the Apes knew that they had found the body of his victim, but that interested him far less than the fact that no one remained in the village to prevent his taking a supply of the arrows which lay below him.


Men were indeed more foolish and more cruel than the beasts of the jungle! How fortunate was he who lived in the peace and security of the great forest!


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