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The Duel by Anton Chekhov

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Everyone has the same God; only people differ.


I am a zoologist or a sociologist, which is the same thing.


The humane studies of which you speak will only satisfy human thought when, as they advance, they meet the exact sciences and progress side by side with them. Whether they will meet under a new microscope, or in the new monologues of a new Hamlet, or in a new religion, I do not know, but I expect the Earth will be covered in a crust of ice before it comes to pass.


I am for her an indispensable, integral part of her boudoir.


And the man who seeks salvation in change of place like a migrating bird would find nothing anywhere, for all the world is alike to him.


To be in continual ecstasies over nature shows poverty of imagination. In comparison with what my imagination can give me, all these streams and rocks are trash, and nothing else.


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