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by Franz Kafka

A Hunger Artist is a short story written by Franz Kafka and originally published in 1922.

This story tells the story of a hunger artist, that is, a professional who fasts on purpose while being exhibited in a cage from city to city. He was locked in a cage by his manager, with only a handful of straw, for forty days.

The public was attracted by such a feat and even watched the artist. He was not allowed to eat anything on the sly and they made sure of the authenticity of his challenge. However, this was not necessary, as the artist himself would consider it a betrayal of his art and would not think of doing so.

However, as time went by, people's interest in the show waned, and he was always eager to be able to take his challenge of not eating longer and further... without thinking of the consequences.

For this edition of the story A Hunger Artist, the English translation by Ian Johnston has been used.

"In the last decades interest in hunger artists has declined considerably. Whereas in earlier days there was good money to be earned putting on major productions of this sort under one’s own management, nowadays that is totally impossible."

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