A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga by William Walker Atkinson

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by William Walker Atkinson

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A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga is a work written by William Walker Atkinson and first published in 1906.

This book of health and spirituality clearly explains the basic concepts of the human mind and offers meditation practices from an Eastern point of view.

A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga uses clear and simple language that anyone can understand, and is accompanied by a series of practical instructions to go beyond reading and into action.

In each chapter we will learn a new concept and a series of exercises to improve our concentration and enhance self-discovery. Special emphasis is placed on the concept of the EGO and how it should be the controller of the mind.

"First, there is what is known as the Instinctive Mind, which man shares in common with the lower animals. It is the first principle of mind that appears in the scale of evolution. In its lowest phases, consciousness is but barely perceptible, and mere sensation is apparent".


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