A set of six by Joseph Conrad

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by Joseph Conrad

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A set of six is a collection of short stories written by Joseph Conrad in 1908.

It is a collection of short stories quite enjoyable in which we can highlight "El duelo", perhaps the most famous and best valued of the set.

Some are versions of or have similarities with other stories previously published by Joseph Conrad, such as the relationship between Gaspar Ruiz and The Heart of Darkness.

The book is composed of the following stories:

  • Gaspar Ruiz
  • The informer
  • The brute
  • An anarchist
  • The duel
  • Il conde

"General Santierra was right in his surmise. Such was the exact nature of the assistance which Gaspar Ruiz, peasant son of peasants, received from the Royalist family whose daughter had pened the door of their miserable refuge to his extreme distress. Her sombre resolution ruled the madness of her father and the trembling bewilderment of her mother".


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