A Tangled Tale by Lewis Carroll

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by Lewis Carroll

A Tangled Tale is a fascinating collection of ten complex mathematical problems presented in short, entertaining stories written by Lewis Carroll and first published in 1885.

Each story is called a "Knot" by the author and presents a mathematical challenge within a narrative context full of wit and Carroll's characteristic humorous touch.

Originally, these enigmas were published one at a time, in serial form, in order to entertain the reader as well as to encourage logical thinking and problem solving. The work combines Carroll's literary mastery with his passion for logic and mathematics, resulting in a unique text that both challenges and delights.

"Problem 1:
A and B began the year with only 1,000l. a-piece. They borrowed nought; they stole nought. On the next New-Year's Day they had 60,000l. between them. How did they do it?
They went that day to the Bank of England. A stood in front of it, while B went round and stood behind it."

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2 hours 25 minutes (29147 words)

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