A Texas Matchmaker by Andy Adams

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by Andy Adams

A Texas Matchmaker is a western novel published in 1904 by Andy Adams. It is a classic western, written by someone who lived the life.

The story is set on a ranch in South Texas in the 1870s, and tells of typical ranch life at the time, such as raising cattle and horses. It introduces us to the day-to-day of ranch life from brutal dawn-to-dusk labor to the occasional romantic courtship.

Immerse yourself in the world of the Wild West with this book that tells us about the harshness of cowboy life and how difficult it can be to find love in this kind of life.

The story details what it was like to drive cattle to various markets, how the weather affected cattle and their income, incidents of cattle rustling, fights, shootouts, going into debt to buy more land, or how the arrival of the railroad changed ranching.

You have to read it with the perspective of its time, as it has references to the native inhabitants who are quite unfortunate and prejudiced today.

Fiction   Western

7 hours 32 minutes (90503 words)

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