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Aesop's Fables are a set of prose fables attributed to the Greek writer Aesop, who lived between the end of the seventh century BC and the beginning of the sixth century BC.

The book includes those attributed to him and a group of fables that circulated before him orally and with the same characteristics. All fables belonged to the oral tradition and were not collected until several centuries after Aesop's death. Not only were his original creations attributed to him but also many others from earlier sources. Even today, new stories continue to be added to the set of Aesop's Fables.

Originally fables were created for adults and covered social, political and religious topics. They were often ethical guides for the population and the education of children.

This digital edition is based on the 1921 translation by V. S. Vernon Jones

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Aesop was a Greek fabulist and storyteller. Although his existence remains unclear and no writings by him survive, numerous tales credited to him were...

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The Moon once begged her Mother to make her a gown. "How can I?" replied she; "there's no fitting your figure. At one time you're a New Moon, and at another you're a Full Moon; and between whiles you're neither one nor the other."



The fewer airs you give yourself the better, my friend. You don't think, do you, that your bell was given you as a reward of merit? On the contrary, it is a badge of disgrace.



A Dog and a Sow were arguing and each claimed that its own young ones were finer than those of any other animal. "Well," said the Sow at last, "mine can see, at any rate, when they come into the world: but yours are born blind."



Injuries are never forgotten in the presence of those who caused them.


Some mischievous Boys were playing on the edge of a pond, and, catching sight of some Frogs swimming about in the shallow water, they began to amuse themselves by pelting them with stones, and they killed several of them. At last one of the Frogs put his head out of the water and said, "Oh, stop! stop! I beg of you: what is sport to you is death to us."


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