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by Ayn Rand

Anthem is a dystopian fiction novella written by Ayn Rand and first published in 1938.

Set in a futuristic dystopia, this short novel introduces us to the life of Equality 7-2521. He is a young man, only 21 years old, living in a society where men cannot have a name, hence his code. The human being has lost his freedom for the collective and the sense of the individual has been lost. But unlike other dystopias, it is not a product of technological progress but a Middle Ages.

The young man is writing a story in secret, by candlelight, where he recounts his life from childhood to adulthood. Gradually, the hunger for knowledge and know more will take over the protagonist and there is an awakening.

Therefore, Anthem deals with issues such as autonomy, identity or freedom. It is the most important novel to understand the philosophy of Ayn Rand and her nascent ideas that she would later develop.

"It is a sin to write this. It is a sin to think words no others think and to put them down upon a paper no others are to see. It is base and evil. It is as if we were speaking alone to no ears but our own. And we know well that there is no transgression blacker than to do or think alone".

This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was legally published within the United States before 1964, and copyright was not renewed.

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