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Ars Notoria, also known as The Notory Art of Solomon, is a medieval grimoire containing a set of prayers and invocations to secure the favor of the Christian god.

It is said that it has the ability to improve the memory, eloquence and academic performance in general of the person who performs these rituals. The aspirant, in addition to the ordinary purifications and prayers, must carry a gold talisman and a parchment on which the names of some angels are set forth. Putting it under the pillow on the bed, the angel whose name is written on the talisman appears and reveals to him how much he wants to know.

The followers of this current assure that its author was Solomon and that he acquired all that wisdom that made him so famous and wise, and that he captured that knowledge in a small manual called Ars Notoria.

The Ars Notoria is the oldest part of a larger grimoire titled Lesser of the Keys. More than a book of spells, it is a book of prayers that are said to strengthen and focus a person's mental powers, by asking God for intellectual gifts.

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