Children of the Frost by Jack London

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by Jack London

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Children of the Frost is a collection of short stories written by Jack London first published in 1902.

Set in the early twentieth century, this is a series of stories about stories of American Eskimo tribes in the Alaskan and Arctic area of Canada. Through these stories we discover the way of life and culture of these tribes living in a hostile and unforgiving environment.

It also reflects the conflict between the gold prospectors and the Indians, both small disputes and a much larger conflict.

The complete list of short stories is as follows:

  • In the Forests of the North
  • The Law of Life
  • Nam-bok the Unveracious
  • The Master of Mystery
  • The Sunlanders
  • The Sickness of Lone Chief
  • Keesh, the Son of Keesh
  • The Death of Ligoun
  • Li Wan, the Fair
  • The League of the Old Men


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