Dandelion Cottage by Carroll Watson Rankin

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by Carroll Watson Rankin

Dandelion Cottage is a childrens book written by Carroll Watson Rankin and first published in 1904.

The book tells the story of four young girls: Bettie (12 years old), Mabel (11), Jean (14), and Marjory (13) who take over a small abandoned house and fix it up for their use as a clubhouse.

The little cabin is older than the church itself and has been empty for a long time. Mr. Black, one of the church watchmen, agrees to give the girls access to the cabin in exchange for pulling up the dandelions that have grown in the garden around them.

The girls manage to achieve their goal and create a wonderful game room in the cabin, but everything will change when some neighbors move next to the Dandelion Cottage and the cabin is suddenly attacked, having to defend the girls to prevent it from being taken from them...

"The little square cottage was unoccupied. It had stood for many years on the parish property, having, indeed, been built long before the parish bought the land for church purposes. It was easy to see how Dandelion Cottage came by its name at first, for growing all about it were great, fluffy, golden dandelions; but afterwards there was another good reason why the name was appropriate, as you will discover shortly."

Fiction   Childrens

3 hours 57 minutes (47423 words)

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The Dandelion Cottage book is available for download in PDF, ePUB and Mobi

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