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Eight Cousins, or The Aunt-Hill is a juvenile novel written by Louisa May Alcott and first published in 1875.

Rose Campbell is an orphaned girl, lonely and sickly, who must live with her spinster grandmotherly aunts, the matricarchs of the wealthy family.

One day, thanks to the arrival of her uncle and tutor, along with her seven male cousins, she will begin to live experiences and adventures that will help her overcome her shyness. She will become happier and healthier.

In addition, Rose befriends Phebe, her aunts' maid. She is of humble and poor origin, which makes Rose understand how lucky she is to have been born in a well-to-do family.

In each chapter Rose will live an adventure while learning to fend for herself and make the best decisions.

In this story the value of feelings and love, as well as youthful friendship, are highlighted. As in many of Alcott's other books, the author always writes with an educational function in her stories, which makes them ideal reading for children.


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