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Fiction Social Critique Romance Class Conflict Romance Social Mobility Morality and Ethics

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Doctor Thorne is a novel written by Anthony Trollope and first published in 1858. It's the third novel in the Chronicles of Barsetshire series.

The story takes place mostly in Greshamsbury. There, the squire John Newbold Gresham, from an old and respected family, lives with his wife Lady Arabella. She is the sister of the Count de Courcy and the couple have a son and several daughters.

The Gresham family mansion has several problems and the biggest of them is the commitment of the couple's son to marry his beloved Mary. She is a good girl, loyal and honest, but she doesn't have any possessions or wealth.

Dr. Thorne is a country doctor, with strong principles, and is Mary's uncle. He will bring his integrity and values to the ups and downs in the love of the young couple, produced by the conflict between the two families...

"Before the reader is introduced to the modest country medical practitioner who is to be the chief personage of the following tale, it will be well that he should be made acquainted with some particulars as to the locality in which, and the neighbours among whom, our doctor followed his profession".


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Anthony Trollope was an English novelist and civil servant of the Victorian era. He wrote novels on political, social, and gender issues, and other to...

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