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by Miguel de Cervantes

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Exemplary Novels is a series of twelve novellas written by Miguel de Cervantes and first published in 1613.

This collection of works is notable for being the first example of short narrative in Spanish literature, as well as representing a wide range of genres, from comedy to drama, including moral novels and adventures.

Through Cervantes' unique style of humor, he explores stories that deal with such diverse themes as the complexities of ethics and justice, human vices and virtues, as well as the irony of one's own existence, always with that deep sense of humanity that characterizes him.

Through the characters we will discover and some special and complicated situations, the "Exemplary Novels" not only entertain, but also offer a critique of Cervantes' contemporary society and a reflection on the human condition.

The richness of the characters and the different themes he touches in each work make this collection a precious testimony of the writer's narrative genius, showing his ability to capture the essence of human nature and the complexity of the social life of his time.

The stories that are part of this work are the following:

  • The Lady Cornelia
  • Rinconete and Cortadillo
  • The Licentiate vidriera; or, Doctor glass-case
  • The deceitful marriage
  • Dialogue between Scipio and Berganze
  • The little gipsy girl
  • The generous lover
  • The spanish-english lady
  • The force of blood
  • The jealous estramaduran
  • The illustrious scullery-maid
  • The two damsels.

"At the Venta or hostelry of the Mulinillo, which is situate on the confines of the renowned plain of Alcudia, and on the road from Castile to Andalusia, two striplings met by chance on one of the hottest days of summer. One of them was about fourteen or fifteen years of age; the other could not have passed his seventeenth year."

This edition of Exemplary Novels is based on Walter K. Kelly's translation.


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