Flappers and Philosophers by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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"Flappers and Philosophers" is a collection of short stories written by F. Scott Fitzgerald published in 1920.

This work uniquely captures the essence of that famous era of the 1920s in the United States known as the Jazz Age. It explores themes as diverse as youth, love, morality, and society through vivid characters and intriguing situations.

During this era, a group of young women known as "flappers" were prominent for their bold behavior and daring fashions that defied the social norms of the time.

They will form an important part of the work with which the reader will be able to discover, through these stories, their interactions with some men, often exploring the dynamics of power, deception and desire.

This type of work by the author is notable for its elegance and his ability to capture the subtleties of human relationships and the nuances of the society of his time. Through these stories, Fitzgerald presents a unifying perspective between criticism and nostalgia for an era that brought radical change to society, giving us insight into both his fascination and disillusionment with the culture of the time.

"This unlikely story begins on a sea that was a blue dream, as colorful as blue-silk stockings, and beneath a sky as blue as the irises of children's eyes. From the western half of the sky the sun was shying little golden disks at the sea—if you gazed intently enough you could see them skip from wave tip to wave tip until they joined a broad collar of golden coin that was collecting half a mile out and would eventually be a dazzling sunset."


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