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by Philip Wylie

Gladiator is a science fiction novel written by Philip Wylie and originally published in 1930. It is known as the story that inspired the creation of the character of Superman and superheroes in general.

Hugo Danner is a man with superpowers who lives in a small town in the United States at the end of the 19th century. These powers were given to him at birth, when his father injected his pregnant wife with a serum that he had experimented on animals.

The man has superior strength, is very fast and virtually invulnerable. These powers cause him great conflict, as his strength provokes negative reactions in people and causes him great isolation.

The novel reflects on being different from others and, through the story, deals with other issues such as education, money or different social groups.

It is therefore a must-read for any fan of Superman comics or superheroes in general.

"Once upon a time in Colorado lived a man named Abednego Danner and his wife, Matilda. Abednego Danner was a professor of biology in a small college in the town of Indian Creek."

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Fiction   Science fiction

6 hours 20 minutes (76016 words)

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