Grimms' Fairy Tales by Brothers Grimm

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by Brothers Grimm

Fiction   Fantasy

8 hours 27 minutes (101506 words)

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About Brothers Grimm

The Brothers Grimm , Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm (1785–1863) and Wilhelm Carl Grimm (1786–1859), were German academics, philologists, cultural researc...

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The best Grimms' Fairy Tales quotes

Lina said to Fundevogel: "Never leave me, and I will never leave you." Fundevogel said: "Neither now, nor ever." Then said Lina: "Do you become a rose-tree, and I the rose upon it."


Before the castle gate all was as the fox had said: so the son went in and found the chamber where the golden bird hung in a wooden cage, and below


Where's my child? Where's my fawn? One more time, and then I'm gone.


One feather is of no use to me, I must have the whole bird.


Nibble, nibble, where's the mouse? Who's that nibbling at my house?

- Hansel and Gretel

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