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by Leo Tolstoy

Historical Fiction Novella Conflict between personal honor and duty to one's nation The brutality and futility of war Clash of cultures Nature of power and leadership

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Hadji Murad is a novel written by Leo Tolstoy and originally published in 1912, a few years after Tolstoy's death. It is the last work of the Russian writer.

The book, set in the 19th century, tells the story of a Caucasian chieftain named Hadji Murad. He tries to fight against the Russian Empire in its expansion in the Caucasus but is forced to flee after an unsuccessful rebellion.

Despite the flight, he ends up becoming an officer in the Russian army for personal reasons and fighting against his former allies... The novel chronicles his struggles as he tries to find a place in a world changing around him.

The story is inspired by real events and Leo Tolstoy's own experiences during the Crimean War.

This edition of Hadji Murad is based on the translation by Aylmer Maude.


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