How Much Land Does a Man Need? by Leo Tolstoy

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by Leo Tolstoy

How Much Land Does a Man Need? is a short story written by Leo Tolstoy and first published in Russian in 1886.

Pakhom is a farmer who, although he is healthy and has a good family, is not happy with the amount of land he has. He manages to save and buy more and more land. However, it is never enough, and the more land he has, the more problems arise that keep making them unhappy.

He reaches a point where he is promised an almost infinite amount of land in a distant country. All he has to do is go through and claim as much land as he wants before sunset...

The story is about human craving and greed and how it can lead us to lose everything. This is one of the best examples of Tolstoy's genius as it perfectly details a negative aspect of human nature in just a few pages.

This edition of the short story How Much Land Does a Man Need uses the English translation by Aylmer and Louise Maude in 1906.

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