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How to hypnotize: The science of controlling the minds of others is a work written by Unknown and first published in 1896.

This text provides an insight into the techniques and science behind the so-called art of hypnosis, focusing on the way in which other people's minds are controlled by this method.

Although the work is not very long, it attempts to provide a basic understanding of hypnosis as a tool for influencing the behavior and decisions of others.

"Charcot and others, including the whole range of recent hypnotists, have revived this error. The experience of all mesmerists—past and present—worthy of the name is this: the healthier and finer the organization, the more perfect and exalted the manifestations.
There are relative conditions of superiority and inferiority in mesmerists and sensitives only. I have mesmerized men who were my superiors in every way—health, strength of body and mind—the only conditions of difference consisting of this important fact, that for the time being they approached the subject of Mesmerism with open minds—a desire to get at truth—and sat down with a non-resistant attitude of mind, perfectly willing to be mesmerized, and to record their own symptoms in connection therewith, if possible. "


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