Totem and Taboo by Sigmund Freud

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by Sigmund Freud

Totem and Taboo is a philosophical and anthropological work written by Sigmund Freud and originally published in 1913.

The essay is divided into four chapters or sections, through which Freud attempts to deal with anthropological issues using the method of psychoanalysis, with the aim of establishing an analogy between how primitive societies have developed and how the human psyche itself has developed on an individual level.

The very human conflict between desire and prohibition determines that there is a common origin of totemism and exogamy.

Freud tries to explain the taboo by which some ancient civilizations had a certain dread of incest. The psychologist explains how the totem is a figure that represents the union of a group and its family ties, and that within that group relationships were considered incestuous.

This digital edition of Sigmund Freud's Totem and Taboo is based on the English translation by Abraham Brill.

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