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Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian Sanskrit text written by Vātsyāyana and first published between the 1st and 6th centuries AD.

Vātsyāyana was the great advisor to a ruler about 300 A.D. However, when the ruler died it was discovered that Vātsyāyana embezzled public money from the government.

Because he had generally done a very good job, it was decided that his punishment was to be locked in a tower and to be visited every month by a number of women whom he had to please. So it was until his death.

During the four years he spent locked up, our protagonist wrote a series of tips, not only for relationships, but also for everyday life. Beyond certain postures or advice, Kama Sutra is a sociological study of the Hindu society of the time. It touches on themes such as atonement for sins, love relationships and sexual union.

"In the beginning, the Lord of Beings created men and women, and in the form of commandments in one hundred thousand Chapters laid down rules for regulating their existence with regard to Dharma, Artha, and Kama."

This edition of Kama Sutra is based on Shivaram Parashuram Bhide, Sir Richard Francis Burton and Bhagavanlal Indrajit's translation.


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