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by D. H. Lawrence

Lady Chatterley's Lover, sometimes called Lady Chatterley for short, is a novel written by David Herbert Lawrence and published in 1928.

The book tells us about the life of Constanza, who is married to a paraplegic upper-class man as a result of an injury in the war. His disability and not being too affectionate with Constanza causes the relationship to cool down and they distance themselves. Due to Constanza's sexual frustration, she eventually has an affair with another working-class man, the preserve guard.

The work caused a scandal and was banned at the time, due to the scenes where sexual relations were explicitly described.

As a curious and amazing fact, the book anticipates in vitro fertilization, saying that "babies will be had in bottles and sexuality will no longer be necessary".

Fiction   Romance

9 hours 48 minutes (117626 words)

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