Markheim by Robert Louis Stevenson

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by Robert Louis Stevenson

Markheim is a short story written by Robert L. Stevenson and first published in 1885.

This short story tells the story of Markheim, who got blood on his hands in a rash act without precautions or an alternative plan.

He must escape from the house where the lurid event occurred and try to take all the money without arousing suspicion.

But his head will play a trick on him and he will become a victim of his own conscience in this more psychological story.

"Yes," said the dealer, "our windfalls are of various kinds. Some customers are ignorant, and then I touch a dividend on my superior knowledge. Some are dishonest," and here he held up the candle, so that the light fell strongly on his visitor, "and in that case," he continued, "I profit by my virtue.

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