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by Daniel Defoe

Picaresque novel Adventure fiction Redemption Survival Moral ambiguity Economic individualism

11 hours 37 minutes

The Fortunes & Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders , better known simply as Moll Flanders, is a historical novel written by Daniel Defoe and originally published in 1722.

The novel is a triumphant portrait of Moll Flanders, a woman born into rather harsh conditions and with a series of adventures and misadventures in her life from her earliest memories as a child to her maturity and entrance into old age.

Her mother was a thief and ended up in a London prison, so Moll Flanders was sent as a servant to an upper class family.

As an adult she suffers several unlucky marriages and ends up falling into delinquency and other undignified trades. She will do whatever it takes to get ahead and survive.

This easy to read and quite enjoyable novel is one of the great classics that later inspired other authors such as Charles Dickens or Victor Hugo.


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