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by Ivan Turgenev

Mumu is a short story written by Ivan Turgenev in 1852 and first published in 1854.

Gerasim is a deaf and dumb servant who lives in poor conditions. His disability, coupled with his social position, causes him to suffer hardships on a daily basis. He, coming from the countryside, gets used to life in the city and his position, but in reality he has no other choice of work or housing.

His situation of poverty is further compounded when he rescues Mumu, a dog and the purest and most honest entity in the story. The story was praised for making visible the cruelties suffered by serfdom in Russian society at the time, as it was a topic outside of public debate.

This edition of Mumu is based on the English translation by Constance Garnett.

"IN one of the outlying streets of Moscow, in a gray house with white Icolumns and a balcony, warped all askew, there was once living a lady, a widow, surrounded by a numerous household of serfs."

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