Nobody's Story by Charles Dickens

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by Charles Dickens

Nobody's Story is a short story written by Charles Dickens and first published in 1853.

The story recounts the life of a man who works hard in the fields and ponders whether to give his hard-earned money to the neighboring family, the Bigwins, so that they can control his economic affairs, who take advantage of the situation.

Dickens explores the plight of the poor, showing the differences between them and those in power. The rulers are too busy debating how they should help them, and even whether they should help them or not, but they waste their time without really helping.

One of Dickens' favorite themes, the division between social classes, reappears in this story. In this case, that tension between different classes is patent and results in the learning of certain lessons. Which are learned by Nobody...

Fiction   Short Stories

0 hours 11 minutes (2273 words)

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