Phineas Finn by Anthony Trollope

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by Anthony Trollope

Phineas Finn is a novel by Anthony Trollope published in installments between 1867 and 1868.

The book tells us about Phineas Finn's romances with different rich women who would ensure his financial future. In addition, it details British parliamentary politics in the 1860s.

Phineas Finn is the only child of a renowned doctor who is sent to London to study and become a lawyer. Handsome and personable, he makes friends easily, some of them quite influential. It highlights his relationship with Barrington Erle, a politician who advises him to stand for the next elections to Parliament.

His political career was going from strength to strength until he voted against his colleagues in a bill on tenants' rights in Ireland, as a matter of principle, for which he had to resign...

"Phineas, in describing Lady Laura Standish to Mary Flood Jones at Killaloe, had not painted her in very glowing colours. Nevertheless he admired Lady Laura very much, and she was worthy of admiration. It was probably the greatest pride of our hero's life that Lady Laura Standish was his friend, and that she had instigated him to undertake the risk of parliamentary life".

Fiction   Historical

21 hours 55 minutes (263073 words)

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