Pollyanna Grows Up by Eleanor H. Porter

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by Eleanor H. Porter

Children's literature Classic fiction Optimism Growth Friendship Adversity Resilience

4 hours 43 minutes

Pollyanna Grows Up is the second part of the classic children's book written by Eleanor H. Porter in 1913.

After arriving in the Beldingsville area and changing the lives of its residents, young Pollyanna Whittier faces new challenges and adventures as she grows into a young woman.

When Pollyanna moves to Boston to live with her friend's aunt, she discovers a world very different from the one she was accustomed to. But her ever-optimistic spirit and kindness will remain present in her new adventure.

As she matures as a person, the girl will have to face love, friendship and the tensions of adolescence, but always with her constant joy.

"Della Wetherby tripped up the somewhat imposing steps of her sister's Commonwealth Avenue home and pressed an energetic finger against the electric-bell button. From the tip of her wing-trimmed hat to the toe of her low-heeled shoe she radiated health, capability, and alert decision. Even her voice, as she greeted the maid that opened the door, vibrated with the joy of living."


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Eleanor Emily Hodgman Porter was an American novelist, most known for Pollyanna and Just David. Porter wrote mainly children's literature, adventur...

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