Struggles and Triumphs by P. T. Barnum

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by P. T. Barnum

Struggles and Triumphs is an autobiography written by P. T. Barnum, the celebrated American showman, and first published in 1872.

Through a very entertaining language and pace, the book offers a glimpse of the clever showman, entrepreneur and philanthropist. It tells how Barnum found success through the shows he put on both in the United States and Europe.

The insight he offers into life in the second half of the 19th century is interesting. Although Barnum sometimes errs on the side of being a bit of a show-off, the book offers vital principles and money-making tips that are applicable today.

There are certain details of P. T. Barnum's life that seen in today's social context may not be acceptable, but it must be read with its social context in mind.

Non-fiction   Biography

20 hours 47 minutes (249433 words)

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American showman, politician, and businessman.

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