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by D. H. Lawrence

Sun is a short story written by D. H. Lawrence and originally published in 1926.

Sun is an evocative, sensual and compelling story. It presents us with the story of a woman who, through the power of the sun, explores and rediscovers her sexuality. She is ready to give herself to a local peasant, but her businessman husband unexpectedly arrives and finally restores her to respectability. But she is free to remain apart from him in the sun.

Sun explores some very common themes in D. H. Lawrence's books such as the dehumanizing effect of modernity and industrialization, as well as rebelling against the rigid and strict customs in the United Kingdom during the Victorian era .

This digital edition is based on the original publication by E. Archer, Red Lion street, London, W.C.1,1926.

"Take her away, into the sun," the doctors said.
She herself was sceptical of the sun, but she permitted herself to be carried away, with her child, and a nurse, and her mother, over the sea.
The ship sailed at midnight. And for two hours her husband stayed with her, while the child was put to bed, and the passengers came on board. It was a black night, the Hudson swayed with heavy blackness, shaken over with spilled dribbles of light.

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0 hours 33 minutes (6773 words)

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