The Chocolate Box by Agatha Christie

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by Agatha Christie

Mystery Short Story Crime Justice Ingeniosity

25 minutes

The Chocolate Box is a mystery short story written by Agatha Christie and first published in 1925.

In this story, Christie introduces us to the famous detective Hercule Poirot in a story set in Belgium, where the character comes from.

In a more introspective way we will see his character developed, his philosophy of justice and his way of working, but giving us a more human side of the detective, showing his vulnerability and weaknesses, something that is not usually seen in other works.

The mysterious death of Paul Déroulard, a prominent politician, who is found dead in what at first appears to be a natural death, but is soon suspected to have been poisoned. Poirot investigates discreetly, focusing on a box of chocolates given to Déroulard the night before his death, which will lead him to a series of answers he does not expect .....

"It was a wild night. Outside, the wind howled malevolently, and the rain beat against the windows in great gusts. Poirot and I sat facing the hearth, our legs stretched out to the cheerful blaze. Between us was a small table. On my side of it stood some carefully brewed hot toddy; on Poirot's was a cup of thick, rich chocolate which I would not have drunk for a hundred pounds! Poirot sipped the thick brown mess in the pink china cup and sighed with contentment."


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