The Deerslayer by James Fenimore Cooper

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by James Fenimore Cooper

The Deerslayer is a historical novel written by James Fenimore Cooper and originally published in 1841.

Deerslayer is the name given by the Indians to the 22-year-old Natty Bumppo, who after being orphaned has grown up among them in the New York Appalachians.

Natty Bumppo travels in the company of trapper Hurry Harry to find his Indian friend named Chingachgook, as they are both headed for the same place.

However, the young man has not yet known the cruelty of the so-called "civilized" men nor the great conflict between Indians and white pioneers.

Some of the topics Cooper deals with, rather prematurely compared to other authors, are the role of women in frontier life, environmentalism and nature preservation or racial conflicts. These ideas were rare in 1841 and it could be said that he was ahead of his time.

This book belongs to The Leatherstocking Tales Series, #1

Fiction   Historical

17 hours 43 minutes (212636 words)

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