The End of Elfintown by Jane Barlow

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by Jane Barlow

The End of Elfintown is a Victorian fairy poetry written by Irish-born writer Jane Barlow and first published in 1894.

This book is based on the edition MacMillan & Co, London, 1894 and it's illustrated with original drawings by Laurence Housman.

The End of Elfintown is a typical work of Victorian fairy poetry: its "elves" are also flower-dwelling and country-dwelling "fays." Jane Barlow also mentions Oberon, a king of the fairies in medieval and Renaissance literature. Instead of the usual dainty creatures he displays a very sensual company, all satyr ears and huge manes.

The poems are divided in three parts:

  • I - The building
  • II- The council
  • III - The flitting

Now would that he who knew so well
Of fierce Pigwiggin’s armour fell,
And angered Oberon’s wrath, to tell,
And how their feud was ended,Yea, would that he, ere hence he sped,
Had writ in gold, as I in lead,
For men to learn why Fays be fled,
And whitherward they wended.

Fiction   Fantasy

0 hours 41 minutes (8345 words)

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The The End of Elfintown book is available for download in PDF, ePUB and Mobi

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